‘True Blood’: Rutina Wesley Pens Touching Tribute To Friend And Co-star Nelsan Ellis
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on EW.

The sudden death of True Blood star Nelsan Ellis is still hard to fathom. The 39-year-old actor passed away over the weekend and his Blood castmates have been paying tribute to him via social media.

Ellis was perhaps closest to his co-star Rutina Wesley, who played Lafayette’s cousin Tara. The actor told EW in 2010 that his favorite moments were on set with her. “Me and Rutina have so many moments on set where we just have a jolly old time,” said Ellis.

“She brightens my day coming to work. Rutina has her headphones. She likes to dance. Rutina will be in her own little world by her trailer. So she’ll just be outside by her trailer like getting down. It always puts me in a good mood, out there poppin’ and lockin’ and droppin’ it like it’s hot. Brightens my day.”

To pay tribute to her good friend, Wesley shared this poem with EW about Ellis. These are her words, unedited.

He was a lover, he loved everything which is why people didn’t understand him. That’s the beauty of it. He thought everything was beautiful. Everything. So poetic, charasmatic, an energy none can compare…one who touched so many forever, deep, in places they cannot reach….a spirit so divine and fine….a chameleon…transforming before you and you….transforming because of him. He could move your soul to whole….in a moment….an arTeest!…like nothing I’ve seen or will ever see again. A darkness wrapped up in light, tight, yearning…searching…moving seas of hearts with a smile that darts…right through you….how I loved you…fiercely vulnerable shining beacon…stand tall my friend, rest, peace has finally found you…..