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Songbird Robin Barnes Returns With An Enchanting New Sound And New Single, 'You Give Me'

The proud NOLA native is introducing the world to her new eclectic sound.

Songstress Robin Barnes is ushering in the fall season to the tune of an eclectic new sound with the release of her latest single, ‘You Give Me.’

Heavy influences of Jazz, Soul and Funk combine on the mid-tempo track to create an addictive rhythm rooted in the signature New Orleans sound that remains the heartbeat of the city. The song’s lyrics hear Barnes journey through the rollercoaster range of emotions that come with falling in, staying in — and even leaving—love.

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More than anything, the proud NOLA entertainer says she’s most excited that the single is introducing listeners to who she really is as a musician.

“This song is the first time that I think I was able to capture that mixture of who Robin really is,” she told ESSENCE. “From the New Orleans music to Jazz to Soul to Funk [combined] with the passion, with the high energy—and then to be able add that live element of my horn section with it—it’s just so powerful.”

As far as how her evolved sound stands in its’ own lane amidst today’s music scene, Barnes is confident that the authentic fusion of various genres results in musical magic that has a little something for everyone.

“I think the best way I can say it is, it’s substance, but it’s something that’s relatable,” she continued. “I think with music in general, it doesn’t matter if someone is into Hip Hop or someone is into just Jazz, or someone is into Funk & Soul, but I think my music is unique because it draws so many elements of the aspects that everyone likes about different genres and combines them into one. And that’s why I always start with energy and passion because, you can have a really great song and it can be catchy but, if it doesn’t have that “umph,” if it doesn’t have that power, that passion, then, someone is going to get over it in a week.”

Overall, the talented southern belle takes pride in the work she’s done throughout her career and how it’s led her to finally craft a sound she can truly call her own.

“Trying to cultivate something of my own was kind of a difficult challenge,” Barnes says. “Growing up, you had everyone like, ‘Maybe you should just do Jazz’ and I was like, “But I’m more than that” and then it was like, ‘Well, just do Soul and Funk.’ But, I still wanted my roots in Jazz to exist. I am all of these elements and I just want to create music that embodies all of that.”

Take a listen to “You Give Me” above and visit Robin’s official website to download the single HERE.