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Riley Curry And Kevin Durant's Mom Were The Real MVPs Of The NBA Finals

The Warriors’ win was a big moment for Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, but it was their families who stole the show. 
Riley Curry And Kevin Durant’s Mom Were The Real MVPs Of The NBA Finals
Ezra Shaw

Monday night was big for the Golden State Warriors as they clinched the win during Game 5 of the NBA Finals, taking home the championship. 

Star players Steph Curry and Kevin Durant celebrated with family as people rushed the court to celebrate. However, while the victory was theirs, the real stars post-game were Curry’s daughter Riley and Durant’s mother Wanda.

Mama Durant aka “the real MVP” was the proudest mom in the world, sharing adorable moment with her son, telling him, “You did it, you did it,” during an interview on the court.



As reported by USA Today, Durant even told reporters after the game that his mom has been there since day one. “She’s seen me as a kid putting in work. She’s seen how I come home after losses and how tough I take it … it feels good to see it come full circle.”

He later added, “We did it. I told you when I was 8 years old. We did it.”

Riley Curry also stole the show last night when she decided to use the Warriors’ shiny new trophy to check out her reflection.

Really, what else can you do when there isn’t a mirror?

Riley also showed off her silly dance moves during her dad’s post-game interview —who wouldn’t after their dad just won the NBA championship?

Congrats to the Warriors for the win, but we all know who the real stars were.