What To Expect During ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s’ Four-Part Reunion

Bravo is blessing us with a gift we never knew we needed, a four-part Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, a month’s worth of content for fans of the reality show. 

Season nine has been pretty insane and the recently released trailer looks like there will be a number of explosive revelations. But, before Sunday’s first epsode, lets recap the season’s biggest moments and glean what we can from the reunion trailer.

Kandi Burruss V. Phaedra Parks: A Friendship Destroyed Over A No-Good Ex

Let’s just dive head first into what we know will be the most explosive moment of the reunion. Kandi and Phaedra have been going head-to-head all season and their beef has come to consume most of the show and cast. A beef that initially began with Phaedra feeling hurt over Kandi seemingly siding with Phaedra’s ex, Apollo Nida, has now spiraled into much more. Porsha Williams has also been dragged into the mess, launching the season’s most talked about plot.

Kandi Burruss V. Porsha Williams & Phaedra Parks: Lesbian Rumors And Sexual Assault Allegations

Porsha picked a side early in the season, teaming up with Phaedra to go up against Kandi. There was heat about Porsha allegedly hooking up with Kandi’s ex and Riley’s father, Block Spencer. Porsha and Phaedra also spread a little rumor that Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker had allegedly had threesomes with a mutual friend.

Lesbian rumors were thrown back at Porsha later on, when Kandi alleged that Porsha had hooked up with a few ladies herself, becoming aggressive after a few drinks, “I mean, she’s definitely hooked up with women — definitely. If she gets drunk, she becomes an aggressive lesbian. Like seriously. Until you’re ready to speak your truth, and be true to who you are, don’t do it boo. Don’t do it.”

This would all culminate in a rumor that’s taken things to an intense new level: Porsha claiming that Kandi drugged and attempted to sexually assault her. The ladies have been going back and forth ever since. Judging from the reunion trailer it might be the spark that sets everything on fire.

Chateau Shereé and Moore Manor: The Battle of the Unfinished Homes

This petty little fight has brought some levity to a fraught season. Kenya Moore and Shereé Whitfield have been working on their houses for what seems like decades and recently Whitfield gave fans a tour of her new place. And, during the season finale, Shereé invited everyone over for a glam housewarming party, which Kenya attended just to throw shade.

Shereé Whitfield’s Ex-Husband Bob: Disturbing Domestic Violence

Whitfield’s ex-husband, Bob, popped up this season, giving us on of the most disturbing moments on the show. While riding in a van with a few other housewives, Bob joked about not choking Shereé hard enough during a domestic violence incident. “I was just shocked,” Shereé revealed on her blog, “Speechless. So many times as women, we just try to bury negative thoughts and traumatic situations, so when we were in the car and he said those things, it just brought so much from our past up that I have tried to suppress for well over a decade.”

She further denied that she and Bob were back together, but the shocking moment is sure to be a topic of conversation during the reunion.

Phaedra Gets Exposed: Has The Housewife Been Lying About Everything?

In the shocking trailer for the reunion, things get really real as it looks like Phaedra’s lies are about to be exposed. It was reported by B. Scott that the housewife had been fired from the show after lying about her divorce and allegedly feeding rumors about Kandi’s sexuality and date rape to Porsha, blaming the rumor on one of the show’s producers. 

A source revealed, “Everyone was given their renewal papers last week and Phaedra didn’t get hers. She got caught in so many treacherous lies this season that even the producers (including Andy Cohen) have had enough. She even brought ‘fake’ divorce papers to the reunion to prove a point. No one knows whether she’s telling the truth about anything anymore.”

Phaedra’s rep denies she’s been fired from the show.

Everything In Between: Divorce, Baby Nups, and Old Lady Gang

The reunion will surely touch on Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’ divorce and Porsha’s insane baby nup, which she presented to her boo, Todd Stewart. There’s Kenya, still single and ready to mingle. And, we’ll also surely hear about Kandi’s Old Lady Gang restaurant. 

We can’t wait for the jaw-dropping reunion to air. Are you ready for all the drama?