‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion, Part One: The Gloves Are Off
The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion started off with all the drama and shade we anticipated. Host and executive producer, Andy Cohen eased into the mess by talking about the light subject of plastic surgery. Going around the room, he wanted to know who got work done and who was au natural in a season filled with cameras going into spas and medical offices. “I know that black don’t crack, but have any of you got Botox or filler,” Andy asked. “You seem to be unique from all the ‘Housewives’ franchises in that all of your faces are your own.” The only new revelation from the conversation was that Kandi Burruss recently had her breasts lifted. From surgery the subject, naturally, went to the battle of the homes with Moore Manor, Lake Bailey, Chateau Sheree and Porsha’s Palace all being the subject of real estate. But as we know from the season, the real beef was between Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield who constantly questioned each other’s homes construction. “I own several guns,” Kenya said in response to the intruders that came to her door back in January. “I’ve been shooting all my life.” Andy also asked Sheree about the joy of finally moving into her chateau. “To be able to move in, present Chateau Sheree to all the haters, my family, my friends— it was like a dream come true,” she said about the process that took five years. To which they, Kenya and Sheree, went at it again over mortgages, rich Africans, light fixtures, leans, paying contractors and fake marble. And when Andy asked why Kim Zolciak picked a fight with Kenya on the final episode of the season at Sheree’s housewarming, Kenya’s response to it was simple. “Because she needs a check.” Easy topics put aside, the conversation then went to the cast member who most of the women had an issue with this season, Phaedra Parks. “I think it’s bullshit,” said Kandi when asked about Phaedra saying they had potential to make amends.  “Whenever we’re on camera she’s saying something positive, positive, positive. But as soon as the camera cuts away she’s either saying something crazy or whatever.” There might be something to that theory as Phaedra’s lies were checked by video evidence from the show. The first beef was between Phaedra and Kenya, for  resurrecting the issue of Kenya texting her then-husband Apollo in 2013 and  then throwing a “Divorce Party” this season. “You readjust to keep up this false image that you keep [in the public eye],” Kenya said about what she believes was Phaedra’s fake upset over the party. “I know the Southern belle and I know the freak ho…. You’re fake and you’re phony.” As she talked about anger management/therapy, Kenya and Kandi shook their heads, which ushered in the next battle: Phaedra vs. Kandi. “I feel like my friendship with Phaedra is genuine,” Porsha Williams said about reaching out to Phaedra about her lies over her anger management. “We’ve moved on.” To which Kandi could hold back no longer. “How is it that you keep making excuses for her situation?,” Kandi asked Porsha after saying another lie made up by Phaedra was worked out. “It’s like, she said that she didn’t say it. Then you see it on the show. And you’re like, ‘Well you know…’ It’s like you’re playing it down like it’s nothing.” Porsha responded, saying she has a relationship with Phaedra where she will call her on the phone to talk about inconsistencies, because she “cares” about her “friend”. Then Kandi popped off. Apparently her and Porsha had a good relationship in the beginning of the season and she even gave money toward a career endeavor on Celebrity Apprentice— $5k to be exact. Kandi believes their tension started when Phaedra started to lie on her, and Porsha blindly believed said lies. Kandi wanted the same courtesy of being called about rumors and lies. “I’ve always tried to stick up for you, honey,” Kandi said while maintaning that Pheadra was the source of their issues. But the conversation was paused for a week-long break. We can’t wait to see part two next week! The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion part two debuts Sunday, April 23 at 8/9c on Bravo.

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