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'RHOA' Brawl: Who Should Be Apologizing?

Don't come for Kandi unless she sends for you.
‘RHOA’ Brawl: Who Should Be Apologizing?

Did you catch the rumble in the ATL?

“Ratchet,” “hood” and “crunk” are just a few of the words we can think of to describe last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It all started with the Jan 26 episode where NeNe Leakes hosted a “pillow talk” pajama party that got heated when singer Christopher Williams confronted Kenya Moore over claims she made about his marriage to wife Natalie. That ended with a melee and a couple of super-strength punches thrown by Apollo Nida at Kenya’s BFF Brandon DeShazer.

This week things were seemingly cooling down when Kandi decided to approach Williams wife Natalie about comments she had made alluding that her fiance Todd Tucker is an opportunist. Cynthia Bailey decided to intervene to explain the situation. This only made Kandi furious. Soon, Peter Thomas was in the mix and a mini melee ensued that included Cynthia’s sister shoving Kandi.

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“I’m a short girl… You cannot come up in my face doin’ all this finger waving … so you better back up. I will f—— drag you!” said an infuriated Kandi. Moral of the story: Don’t come for Kandi unless she sends for you.

As NeNe Leakes would say, ‘It was all too confusing, chile.’

The next day an embarrassed Kandi soon realized her mistake and called another meeting with the ladies so she could apologize.

Who else do you think should be doing the apologizing?

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