Together Again: Reality Show Reunions We'd Love To See

These shows gave us some of pop culture's best moments. 

Sydney Scott Aug, 14, 2017

It was recently announced that the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore would reunite for a reunion road trip, a pretty cool idea that’s bound to give us endless amounts of drama.

But, before Jersey Shore there were a number of reality television shows that gave us essential pop culture moments. What would happen if the contestants and stars of those shows got together for their own little reunion?

We’ve put together a quick list of reality TV shows that we’d love to see given their own reunion special. Imagine the cast of From G’s to Gents discussing their lives as gents or the students of College Hill all grown up and reflecting on all that drama, we’d definitely tune in.

Flavor of Love

Did Hottie ever learn how to cook chicken? Do people still compare her to Beyoncé? Whatever happened to that woman Saaphyri got into a fight with on the first day of season two? There are too many unanswered questions from this series and we definitely derserve answers.

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Charm School

Charm School was a little problematic -- even Mo'Nique admitted the show had its faults -- but we're still interested in hearing from the series' contestants, which included the Flavor of Love ladies and, during Sharon Osbourne's tenure as host, the ladies from Rock of Love

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I Love New York

We all know that New York went on to become one of America’s most beloved reality stars, but what about the men who competed for her heart? Does Frank still live in his parents' basement? Does he still suck toes? Inquiring minds want to know.

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From G's to Gents

This is the show that gave us Riff Raff, so we have several questions. And, Jamie Foxx needs to explain that theme music.

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I Want To Work For Diddy

Even the worst internships don't compare to what put contestants through. The winners from the two-season show, Suzanne Siegel and Ebony Jones, probably have some pretty crazy stories, who wouldn't want to hear them?

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Making the Band

We're not so much interested in the third iteration of the music reality series, which featured Danity Kane, as we are the second iteration, Making the Band 2, which included Da Band. The second iteration doesn't get the credit it deserves and its stars are largely forgotten, but who could forget that infamous cheesecake walk?

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