After an intense girls trip to San Francisco, the ladies are back in the ATL. On this week’s episode, friendships are tested, family secrets are revealed and new relationships are in full bloom.

Kandi Burruss visits Cynthia Bailey’s lake house for the first time, and Kenya Moore, who has just returned from her grandmother’s funeral, also stops by. Cynthia shares with Kenya the conversation the ladies had in San Francisco regarding not meeting Kenya’s husband Marc. Cynthia reveals how she was initially upset with the group, but then hurt by Kenya because she feels like she should’ve met Marc already. Kenya explains that Marc hasn’t been in Atlanta and she’s been going to see him in New York City every week because she had to get a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan —and then reassures Cynthia that she will eventually meet Marc.

While Kenya may have found her Prince Charming, Porsha Williams is ready to find love again as well. After being divorced for five years, Porsha meets with two matchmakers to help her meet someone. She tells them she wants someone who’s supportive, confident and wants a family, and she’s open to dating outside her race. Porsha is set up on a blind date with a guy named Patrick. Unfortunately, Porsha wasn’t really feeling him, and cuts the awkward date short.

Porsha may not be having luck yet in the love department, but if there’s one newly divorced housewife who is, it’s Cynthia! Cynthia’s new bae Will sets up a boat date and sends a driver to pick her up, along with a bottle of champagne, rose and note to enjoy the ride. They invite the other RHOA couples on the boat ride but only Kandi and Todd Tucker were available to join.

After Cynthia, Will, Kandi and Todd head out on the boat, Kandi admits that Todd felt weird about going on the double date since he and Peter Thomas, Cynthia’s ex-husband, are friends. Kandi also reveals how she’s a bit skeptical about Will. Kandi even addresses Will about his appearance on Steve Harvey’s talk show while looking for love, and how she also heard from a friend that Will was on a dating show pilot. Although Will admits he was approached for the pilot, he denies actually taping for it. Will also claims he isn’t an opportunist. Later, Cynthia reveals in her confessional that she felt like Kandi grilled Will like “they’re at a Mama Joyce cookout” and how she doesn’t feel it’s that deep. Like Kandi said, “if [Will] stands the test of time, we will know if he’s the real deal.”

On this episode, Cynthia also meets with her ex-husband Peter to check out the construction site of a bar he’s opening in Atlanta, which Cynthia’s a 25 percent partner in. Cynthia also reveals to Peter that she’s dating Will and likes him.

Like Cynthia, Shereé Whitfield also has a new bae, except he’s currently in prison. While shopping with Porsha, Shereé is asked about the Internet rumors that she’s actually married to Tyrone. Shereé denies that she’s married, and in a shady response likely aimed at Kenya, says that everyone will be there when she actually does walk down the aisle.

Shereé is also preparing for an empty nest as her youngest daughter Kaleigh is getting ready to go off to college at Howard University. Before Kaleigh leaves, Shereé takes the opportunity to finally sit down with her three kids Kaleigh, Kairo and Tierra and have the tough conversation with her kids that her life coach has been encouraging. While sharing that the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence wants her to be an ambassador, Shereé reveals to her kids that she was abused by her ex-husband Bob, who is also Kairo and Kaleigh’s father.

When Shereé asked what her kids felt about the rumors, Tierra says she was shocked. Kaleigh also shares that she talked to her dad about it, and when he tried to explain the story, she drove off. Shereé explains that she kept it from her kids so they wouldn’t look at their dad differently or feel a certain type of way. She also shares the tough lesson of how no one ever deserves to be mistreated.

After finally having the difficult conversation with her kids, Shereé meets with her life coach, Jack Daniels, again. She reveals how opening up to her kids actually brought them closer and how she now values and loves herself more. During their meeting, Shereé excuses herself to take a call from her prison bae Tyrone.

During her confessional, Shereé shares that she and Tyrone used to date six years ago and they stopped dating because he stopped calling her. Shereé later found out he stopped calling because he got in trouble with the Feds and didn’t want to get her involved, and although he’s been in prison for four years, Tyrone ended up calling Shereé out of the blue on her birthday a year and a half ago. She also reveals that she and Tyrone are exclusive.

When Shereé goes back inside, she tells Jack about Tyrone and when he asks how many catty women will talk about her dating someone in prison, Shereé says she doesn’t care how others feel and she loves him and how they communicate. When Jack asks Shereé if it’s a fantasy, she asks, “Who fantasizes about someone in prison?” Shereé explains that Tyrone hopes to get out by the end of the year, but if not, he’ll be in prison for another four years. Shereé admits that she knows she’s risking a lot but Tyrone fulfills her more than any man ever has and she believes he’s her soul mate.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo on Sundays at 8pm ET.

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