Tina Fey met Sarah Palin, Nicholas Cage met Andy Samberg, Kate McKinnon met Hillary Clinton, and now Kenan Thompson has met Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton Leads Protest Outside 2016 Academy Awards

It’s an SNL tradition for comedian’s to meet the people they impersonate and on Saturday’s show Kenan Thompson finally came face to face with the real Al Sharpton. The two appeared in a sketch spoofing MSNBC’s Politics Nation with the real-life Al Sharpton as a guest on the show named Charles Richards, a statistical analyst. The two joked around about which presidential candidates had the best voter approval rating and even threw in a joke about Sharpton’s weight. The real-life Sharpton joked,

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“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I expected you to be a little skinnier. I know you worked really hard to lose all that weight, it’s a shame to see that you seem to have gained it back.”

To which Kenan replied, “Frankly Charles, I like myself this way. People say I look younger.”

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