Rising Star Ravyn Lenae Drops Wistful New Video For “Unknown”
Jimmy Fontaine

Back in March, we talked to Ravyn Lenae, a Chicago artist with an eclectic style. Now, she’s back with her new video for “Unknown.”

Lenae, who is currently on tour opening for SZA, has a genre-blending sound reminiscent of artists like Solange and NAO. In March, she described her songwriting process as a formula that blends colors, tones, and words. 

“My songwriting process is based on a formula: Color, tone, words,” she told ESSENCE. “When I hear production, I initially identify the color that resonates with me. From there I am able to translate the color into tone or emotion, which may depend on a number of things.”

The singer also revealed that she plans to begin working on her debut album, which if “Unknown” is any indication, will be one for the books. 

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Unknown” below.


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