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Raven-Symone Is Saying So Long To 'The View' And Hello To 'That's So Raven 2'

After just two seasons, the actress and talk show host is leaving The View to focus on developing a follow-up to her hit series That's So Raven.
Raven-Symone Is Saying So Long To ‘The View’ And Hello To ‘That’s So Raven 2’
Fred Lee

Raven-Symone is saying goodbye to The View after two seasons to focus on a new project that will surely having fans jumping for joy.

On Thursday’s episode of The View, the actress and talk show host announced her departure and dropped some major news. “I’m excited and sad, but mostly excited. I have an announcement to make: No, I’m not pregnant,” she joked before announcing that she’d be leaving the show to work with Disney on a follow-up to That’s So Raven.

“There’s no title yet, but I’m calling it That’s So Raven 2. It’s Raven Baxter. It’s still me. But I am a mother this time. I’m going to be a single mother raising two kids, and one of them learns that she has visions.”

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Twitter, of course, is already having a meltdown, with one fan writing, “There’s a that’s so raven spin off coming and i’ve never been more excited in my life.”

The actress says auditions for the show will begin soon. Raven’s last day on The View will be in December, but an official date hasn’t been determined. “I’ve had such a great time…I’ve learned so much, and I’ve been saying, my experience has been multidimensional,” she said of the show. 

Now the real question is, will The View replace her and with whom?