‘Power’ Recap: ‘The Right Direction’
This episode starts out kind of slow but the twists and turns had me on the floor! While we all have been celebrating the death of Holly, we see that Tommy’s not doing well at all. He’s out of sorts and sleeping in his car because he can’t bring himself to go in their apartment where he killed her. We even see him going to visit where she is buried, and he “offers” her ring to her. It’s sad and creepy and one wonders if he’s going to go into a tailspin. Now that Ghost knows Lobos will be moved, the plan is put in motion to kill him during the transfer. James and Tasha pose as a happy couple at Karen Bassett’s hotel to provide him an alibi for Angela. He sneaks off to put in that work, and Tasha covers for him, pretending that he’s at the hotel when he’s not, and even texting Angela, pretending to be Ghost. Tasha is a better woman than me, because I would NEVA. Tasha unknowingly reveals to Ghost that Holly was pregnant. Ghost doesn’t know that Tommy didn’t know, so somebody is going to spill the beans at some point. Tasha also doesn’t know that Holly is dead. Tasha finds out about the Separation Agreement while she is covering for Ghost, but she still holds him down. She then threatens to expose him as a threat to get half of everything, but Ghost reminds her that she’s an accomplice. Dean the security guy is told in no uncertain terms not to follow James again, in part to ensure that Dean doesn’t find out about Ghost’s plan to kill Lobos. Ghost still doesn’t know that Dean was watching as Ghost killed the Koreans to save Tommy. Moving Lobos is underway, with Greg running point. The police van is intercepted by Tommy and Lobos’ men. During the shootout, Greg is wounded but is okay. Ghost and Tommy are together again, but they’re definitely not the well-oiled machine that they once were. After outsmarting the FBI, they argue over when and how Lobos should be killed, allowing him to run away. Ghost eventually shoots Lobos twice in the chest but doesn’t bury the body. Is he really dead, or was he wearing a bulletproof vest? We’ve already seen Kanan come back from the dead. Greg returns to the office shook and convinced that the Lobos hit was an inside job (he’s right). But who tipped off the killers? Of course, Greg thinks it was Angela. He’s even more unwound that usual. Ghost returns to his club and tries to fire Dean since Ghost thinks his security problems are over with Lobos is dead. BUT WAIT. Dean reveals himself as Milan, the Serbian drug lord for whom Vladimir (who Ghost killed) was working. Not only that, Dean/Milan’s crew has completely infiltrated Ghost’s life. One of the security team has the code to Ghost’s safe and knew what was in it. Dean/Milan’s people are in all the clubs. Dean/Milan knows everything about Ghost: his home, his family, Angela. Even the La Araña card that the waitress left on Ghost’s desk came from Milan. Because of this, Milan warns Ghost that killing him does nothing. His organization will survive and terrorize the people Ghost loves. Milan wants Ghost to pay for the shipment of drugs that Ghost and Tommy intercepted and left for the police. Tommy tells Ghost that he has to get rid of Angela because it’s going to be too hard to lie to her now that he’s being forced back into the drug game, but also because Angela is Ghost’s soft spot and can be used by Milan to manipulate Ghost. Angela is a liability. Ghost can’t tell Angela that the Serbians are after her because then she’d know that he was back in the game. She would also put Ghost in jail for dealing. But Tommy, with a smirk, tells Ghost that Ghost can take her out without her suffering. Ghost breaks up with Angela to protect her. They’re both left devastated on either side of her apartment door. But while Angela is left crumpled on the floor, Ghost eventually pulls himself together and walks away.

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