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[MUSIC] I wanted to know from you in terms of the music is there anything different we can expect the season what does it feel coz it's a different vibe. All I'll say it's a pace for bad music this television. [LAUGH] Because the lat place that this has been a money in the production is not licensing but we've accomplished that Several times throughout the actual project where we were able to find music that matched emotionally to what was happening in the scenes. And It just intensifies the entire experience because it's like watching a horror film. If you mute it, you don't even know when to be scared. I feel like music is so important. I can't wait til they see it cuz then they're gonna go 50, you are amazing. And I'm gonna go yes, it was me, but it was really her. It was both of us. He strives to be very, very, very egalitarian and I love him for it, but I don't have to play Kanan. I don't wear all the hats, I got one hat. I'm the show runner, I'm not on camera. He's EPN, he's also showing up, and then he's also doing everything else that is 50. But I feel like you always had a lot, you were always juggling a lot, Things. Yeah, that's what I do, I juggle. Yeah, exactly. There was a point that I had to keep her on this project. And I said, I'm gonna play Ghost, I wanna play the lead. [LAUGH] And then we're gonna just go make the show. And then she's like, okay. And then when we got the show picked up, she was like, listen. This means you don't do this, you don't do this, you don't do this. Yeah. And then I was like So, can I do something else? [LAUGH] But, you know what's interesting? Creating Kanon came out of that which is the best thing ever. Yeah. When we created Kanon, I said what do you want and he said I want to be the worst character on television. My God. Mm-hm. I want to be the meanest character on television. I was like okay! Want to kill your son now? I got that for you. [LAUGH] And then like And then it's grow from there but we really try to create something that will have that notoriety. You know what I mean? Yeah. That would allow people to see different products and he was really a straight dude, really a straight dude, really into color, really what that really comes to if you don't ever divert. Yeah, so how much did the political of what was going on in the country affect this season, because Im thinking not at all a lot about Rikers and them trying to close it down not at all okay We can't, because heres the thing. The show should be timeless, the show should be watchable for years from now. So, when you do that, when you adapt to whats happening right now, you Yourself, so the only thing that will date us, is fashion, and music, right? So it's like there's certain choices that we don't make with music. Because we know that person's gonna be a one-hit wonder or it's only gonna be that [CROSSTALK]. Wow. Yeah, cuz when you watch like The Wire now, you don't feel like man, that's old, you know what I mean? You wanna feel timeless. Yeah. Emotional truth is timeless. [MUSIC]

Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) and James (Omari Hardwick) —whose name we’ll switch based on who he wants people to see him as— seem to be reconnecting even as Tariq interviews to attend the boarding school in Connecticut. He gets in, which is great because Tariq’s boys want to ensure he didn’t snitch about the woman’s death in the robbery gone wrong. Ray Ray checks in on Brains and his friend to find out what happened during the home robbery. Sadly, after saying Tariq was the one who caused the homeowner’s death, they’re killed by Ray Ray. He now knows of Tariq’s involvement in the robbery and shows up at school to take him —unsuccessfully— but scares Reina.

Angela’s (Lela Loren) sister Paz (Elizabeth Rodriguez) is staying with her in the aftermath of Sandoval pulling a gun on her. Angela is offered a job but it’s not the leadership role that she wants. She’s told that the new head of the Criminal Division will be either Maks or Saxe. Angela and Proctor then talk about working together in the private sector, but she’s not interested in that either. Maks tells her to come work for him after he gets the job as head of the Criminal Division, but she turns it down. In a move that no one saw coming, Angela becomes Head of Criminal, blindsiding Maks and Saxe.

Tommy (Joseph Sikora) thanks Teresi (William Sadler) for having Sandoval killed. In return, Teresi asks for a meeting. Tommy learns he’s part Sicilian and that his mom, Kate, has proof that Teresi is his biological dad. Tommy threatens her life so that she reveals that Teresi gave him his last name, but Kate changed it. Tommy ends the relationship with his mother and returns to snorting cocaine. He meets Teresi and tells him that he also wants to meet the rest of their family.

James and Councilman Tate (Larenz Tate) are working on building the Queens Children’s Center together. Simon Stern says that James will just be the face of the business for loan purposes, but will be out of the business dealings. James says he’s 51 percent owner of the business since it’s a minority-owned contract and he wants more control. Tate says he’ll handle it, which he does at the meeting to vote on whether James will get the go-ahead. The vote is postponed until the contract is altered, to Simon’s dismay. Now that James has his contract, Councilman Tate tells James to “take care of” Alphonse, one of the guys from the hood, who Tate calls a “community liaison.”

Tasha (Naturi Naughton) tells Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) that she plans to divorce James and invest the alimony in weave shops with Keisha (La La Anthony). She wants to be legit and get away from Tommy’s drug business. Tasha and Silver blow off a big night for James to be alone together. You know that wasn’t a good idea… Elsewhere, Maria, whose boyfriend was killed last season, recognizes Ghost’s voice from the news.

Dre (Rotimi) continues his plan to become the biggest drug dealer in New York by burning the drug shipment with Cristobal. His primeras are all looking to separate from Tommy, but they give him time to buy more drugs to sell. Tommy believes it was the Jimenez who torched his shipment, so he wants to kill them and Cristobal.

Tommy goes to Jason for more drug money, but he isn’t listening. Next, he tries to get Tasha to clean the money through the weave shop but she’s not interested. Tommy then tries to reconcile with Keisha so she will do it but she walks away from him. After a fight, Ghost gives Tommy the money, but it’s too late. All the primeras leave Tommy, as does Dre. Dre’s plan seems to be working. However, Dre tries to have Kanan (50 Cent) killed but he kills both of his attackers instead.

Destiny is Tariq’s girlfriend but also Ray Ray’s cousin — so unfortunately they set Tariq up. Tariq runs and Reina confronts Ray Ray, who kills Reina. This is obviously Tariq’s fault and he watches her get shot. The ramifications are going to be huge for the last episode of the season next week!

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