We’re getting close to the end of the season so there is a lot happening every single episode. Let’s get into it!

Ghost (Omari Hardwick) goes to Silver’s apartment concerned that Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) might be the subject of an investigation and, therefore, vulnerable. Ghost finds Tasha’s (Naturi Naughton) earring on the floor but Silver plays it off. Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) later returns it to Tasha and they make dinner plans. You know this is going to come back to bite someone in the behind like a Zika mosquito.

Ghost goes to see Proctor to ensure his loyalty. Proctor says if he was going to turn against him, he would’ve done it already. They’re in this mess together. But then we see that Proctor still has Markham’s laptop, which he puts in a post office box. So, clearly, he lied to Ghost.

Dre is concerned that Tommy (Joseph Sikora) is going to retaliate against the Jimenez family regarding Julio’s death, knowing that he (Dre) gave the order to the Toros Locos to kill Julio. Dre tells Ghost that Tommy met with the Jimenez and is considering going to war imminently. Dre talks to the primeras and they’re all against going to war and willing to follow him instead of Tommy.

Ghost agrees to go to the Jimenez to prevent a war. Ghost tells them that if they don’t give Tommy access to the ports and land, they will let everyone know that it was Ghost and Tommy that killed Lobos, not the Jimenez as everyone thinks —then the Jimenez won’t be as feared because they will be revealed to be frauds.

Dre meets with the Jimenez and two primeras separately. He tells them that he wants to be the biggest drug dealer in NYC. They say that they will give Tommy what he wants, to give Dre time to set up his connection to hotels around the world to sell their drugs.

Tariq gets involved with Brains and another kid who rob houses. One of them attempts to rape the homeowner but Tariq intervenes and they kill her instead. Tariq bolts and ignores Brains’ calls. On the plus side: He’s now thinking of going to school at Choate with his sister, Reina.

James meets with Councilman Tate about building an afterschool center in Queens, his old neighborhood. Now that Sandoval has been arrested, Ghost will be cleared of Knox’s murder and he can move forward with the minority development loan. Of course, Simon Stern won’t be happy about this, because he wants to build something in Manhattan.

Sandoval (David Fumero) is getting suspicious and corners Saxe t(Shane Johnson) to confirm if they’re still working together. He learns that Mak called Saxe in, but not anyone else. Donovan, Saxe and Angela are getting close to having enough info on Sandoval as the mole. Angela provides the burner phone that Sandoval used when he was working for Lobos, but she got it from Jamie, so they can’t really use it. They set up a play where Saxe tells Sandoval that Angela has the tape showing Sandoval going upstairs to plant the gun on Truth and that she plans to go to Mak with the info.

Sandoval takes the bait and goes to Angela’s (Lele Loren) apartment unannounced, but it’s a setup. Angela is wired, and Donovan, Saxe and Mak are listening downstairs. Sandoval confesses to being the mole because Lobos threatened his daughter. Angela shoots him in self-defense, but doesn’t kill him. She removes the wire and tells Sandoval about it. She tells him to say that he’s not a murderer, but a witness. Sandoval tells Mak after his arrest that he wants full immunity or he will say that all of his cases he worked on were under Lobos’ influence, meaning they would all be appealed.  Angela tells Silver that Sandoval was arrested, who in turn tells the St. Patricks.

Tommy asks his mother about Teresi but she says that he’s not his father. She’s obviously lying. Tommy goes to Teresi’s house and see his wife, Connie. Tommy steals a photograph from the family album. He confronts Kate with it and she comes clean. Teresi is Tommy’s father. Kate goes to Teresi and tells him to stay out of Tommy’s life or she will tell his wife, Connie, about the son she doesn’t know Teresi has. Tommy reaches out to Teresi and has Sandoval killed at the jail so that he doesn’t talk and tell what he knows about Ghost and Tommy.

Our hearts can’t take much more of this drama! We’ll be watching next week though, without fail.


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