OMG this is the best episode since the season premiere!! Put your seatbelt on because everybody is taking us for a ride this week!

Angela (who is STILL not dead!) is now fully convinced that Jamie is innocent in Greg’s death. She takes her suspicions to Sandoval, who, of course, shuts her down because he’s the real killer and needs someone to take the fall. Angela tells Proctor she believes Jamie didn’t do it and he sets up a meeting. Later, Angela tells Silver and Jamie that in the asset forfeiture hearing, Mak the prosecutor is going to allege RICO because Tommy paid a seven-figure check to Jamie’s nightclub, Truth.

Ghost is pissed that Proctor is off the case and still doesn’t trust Silver, who may or may not be Ben Carson in a better suit. Time will tell. Tommy finds out from Tasha that Proctor is off the case and is concerned that it may have something to do with him killing Greg’s friend.

Teresi tells Marshal Clyde Williams, aka Charlie Murphy, the lie that it was James St. Patrick who is having him transferred to another jail. Williams corners him in the gym and James St. Patrick quickly turns into Ghost, taking out all his frustrations on the Marshal’s head with a free weight. 

It was gruesome and bloody and there is NO doubt that he is good and dead. Teresi and another inmate come in and see Ghost covered in the Marshall’s blood. Teresi kills the inmate and he and Ghost make it look like the inmate committed a murder/suicide.

Remember when Charlie Murphy told Ghost that the cameras were off in the gym? Welp. He probably should’ve kept his mouth shut. RIP to Charlie Murphy.

Keisha and Tommy are still hitting it but Keisha is catching feelings and Tommy is just there to keep her happy and quiet. He tells Tasha that he’s just going through the motions, that he’ll never feel about anybody the way he felt for Holly. He also tells Tasha that he killed Holly because he thought that she killed Ghost, that he didn’t know she was pregnant. Tasha tells him that he has to stay with Keisha because, if he breaks her heart, she’s liable to snitch.

After a pretty steamy sex scene between the gorgeous Julio and his girlfriend, she tells him that Cristobal and Dre have been seen together at Truth. This doesn’t help the lack of trust between Julio and Dre. He later sees Kanan with Dre at the new party spot they set up to make money while Truth is still closed. Dre tells Kanan that he can help him get back on top. Will someone finally make the connection?!

Simon Stern comes to see James in jail and offers a loan. James sees it for what it is and declines. He doesn’t want to be under Stern’s thumb again. But Stern also reaches out to Tasha, who declines but also takes his business card. Girl, Issa trap!!

Tariq (who is ALSO still alive!) tells Tommy that he has had sex with Destiny. He lies and says that Dre took him to a party where he met her. Tommy confronts Dre, who tells him the truth: Dre didn’t take Tariq to the party; he just saw him there.

With Angela’s information before the hearing, James is able to concoct the story that Tommy’s seven figure check was just a loan to help pay off the nightclub’s security company. Angela testifies to prosecutorial misconduct and tells the judge that the nightclub video shows James going nowhere near where the gun was planted, making it exculpatory evidence because it can be argued that James didn’t plant the gun and is innocent. She says on the stand that both Sandoval and Mak were dirty. Mak calls out Angela for sleeping with Jamie, pointing out that it led to him getting classified info on Lobos.

The judge is pissed at everybody. He dismisses the charges against Ghost without prejudice, setting ya boy free! He also recommends that everyone (Sandoval, Angela, and Mak) be suspended, meaning they basically lose their jobs. As Ghost is being processed out of jail, Teresi tells Ghost to give a burner phone to Tommy. Ghost has an idea that Teresi might be Tommy’s daddy, but says nothing.

Silver tells Tasha that although Ghost will be out soon, it may take longer for their assets to be available again so she may want to get a floater loan. Tasha pulls out Simon Stern’s card and calls him. This is sloppy and totally not like Tasha!

Meanwhile, Tommy has been summoned to Chicago by Petar’s boss, because they’re upset with the slowdown of drug traffic. Tommy leaves in an untraceable car, without his phone, without knowing that Ghost is getting out. What could possibly go wrong?

Tariq shows up at Kanan’s house. Kanan arrives and is greeted by Jukebox. She’s back! Now that Ghost is almost out of jail, the plan is back on: bleed Ghost for ransom money for Tariq and then kill him anyway.

How long do we have to wait for next week’s episode?! It’s getting spicy!