Conspiracy Theory Debunked: The ‘Power’ Cast Assures Us That Tariq Is Definitely Not Kanan’s Kid
Power is set to return for its fifth season on July 1 and many fans are still reeling from Raina’s sudden death in season four. James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and wife Tasha’s (Naturi Naughton) nearly nonexistent marriage is still chugging along, but can they survive the loss of their daughter? And, how would Ghost react to the possibility of Tariq not being his son? Some fans have long speculated that Tariq may actually be Kanan’s child, point to similarities between the two and a creepy moment in season two when Kanan tells Tasha that he used to think about her while in jail.            
One Reddit user even mentioned the theory before someone pointed out that show creator Courtney Kemp had squashed the theory. Still, the rumor persists. ESSENCE spoke to the cast of Power, who all agreed that there is no way Kanan is Tariq’s father. Executive producer, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who brings Kanan to life on the show, told us, “You know what it is? I like Tariq. I see qualities in him that…are not necessarily positive qualities, I didn’t see in Shawn. This kid is actually street, he’s a gangster.” Jackson added that around Kanan, Tariq feels like an adult because Kanan treats him like one, “Him being around me is me just treating him like an adult and allowing him to be who he is at that point.” Kemp added, “Kanan is the most honest adult with him. The only lie he told him was his name was Slim. And when he was asked what happened to Shawn, he was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I was friends with Shawn.’ Well, that’s technically sort of true. But, Kanan’s the most straight up. Kemp continued, “I will say this, for people who keep asking that question: Since Raina and Tariq are twins, how is that biologically possible?” Naughton also firmly denied Kanan could at all be Tariq’s father, saying, “My children are Ghost’s children and that is without a doubt.” So, sorry fans, but as juicy a plot twist this could be, it’s never going to happen. Ghost is Tariq—AND RAINA’S—father and that’s that on that.

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