POTUS Acknowledges Idris Elba’s Mass Sex Appeal, Shares Funny Story
Getty Images

When the Commander-In-Chief acknowledges your mass sex appeal, it’s official.

According to E! News, President Obama joked about Idris Elba’s affect on the ladies during a recent White House screening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. The president took it upon himself to recount the first time Elba visited the White House for a state dinner.

“[Obama] told everyone in the screening room…’Idris Elba couldn’t sit down because all the ladies, all the ladies were all over him. Give him a break today, ladies. Give him a break,'” shared Elba. “I was sitting in the room with a massive smile.” 

Elba stars in the upcoming biopic about Nelson Mandela alongside Naomie Harris, who plays Winnie Mandela. 

“Barack is really fond of Mr. Mandela so he was really thrilled to have us there to present our film and I felt very special about that,” said Elba. 

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is set to hit theaters on November 29th.