Patti LaBelle, often described as the “Godmother of Soul,” continues to reinvent herself as an artist, actress and businesswoman. With a career spanning over six decades, this iconic songstress recently spoke to Access Hollywood about some of her moments as a musician, her booming pie business, and who she would like to portray her in a biopic.

After reminiscing about collaborations with Dolly Parton and Michael McDonald, the vibrant LaBelle spoke about her conversation with Jennifer Hudson in regard to her role as Aretha Franklin. “She just wanted to know what it felt like to be in the presence of Aretha,” Patti said. “It was priceless, you know. Just a wonderful legend.”

When asked who she would want to play her in a film or television series, she said “I have no clue. I have about six or seven people – six or seven girls who said they would like to play Patti LaBelle, and they’re all worthy, so I don’t know which one would do the best job. You know Fantasia, and Jennifer, but she can’t because she did Aretha; but a lot of wonderful, young ladies would love to play Patti Patti.”

In addition to acting (appearing in films such as A Soldier’s StoryIdlewild and Semi-Pro), LaBelle has also become a powerful figure in the dessert industry. Patti’s Sweet Potato Pie became a sensation after a YouTube video went viral praising the taste and texture of her product. Her pies became so popular in fact, that LaBelle stated she’s made more money from her dessert business than she does in her music career.

Being featured in Old Spice’s Men Have Skin Too campaign, it prompted the question – how does she stay so young? She attributed her youthfulness to the amazing opportunities she has received throughout her career, the health of her children, and the joy that she experiences on a daily basis.

Whether or not a film project is in the works still remains to be seen; but whoever is tapped to play the legendary Patti LaBelle on the silver screen will undoubtedly have some big shoes to fill. 


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