Crissle West and Kid Fury are breaking down their hours-long podcast into a bite sized version for TV.

The Read, premiering tonight on Fuse, sees the duo dissecting hip-hop and pop culture with tons of humor and shade. And much like their podcast, the two will continue to salute Black excellence and give their take on the latest headlines.

“We plan to have a lot of fun with the celebrity interview segment,” West told ESSENCE. “We plan on approaching that in a really different and fun way. We shot a really fun interview with someone we really admire, so I really can’t wait for people to see that.”

Fury added that the pair will steer clear of the usual questions because not only are they boring, “we just don’t care.”

“You’re here to work. I’m here to work. Let’s talk about cereal or something fun,” he said. “That’s the way I’m approaching it anyway.”

Watch ESSENCE’s full interview with West and Kid Fury above and tune into the premiere of The Read tonight at 11 p.m. on Fuse.

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