Janelle Monáe seems to embody everything cool and calm in the world. The singer-actress has apparently mastered the art of owning herself — and Monáe credits self-care for that confidence we see.

While promoting her latest film, Welcome to Marwen, out in theaters Friday, Monáe told ESSENCE that the first step in any road to self-discovery is finding a safe space or someone to talk with.

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“When I first started getting a check, I went to therapy,” Monáe said earlier this month. “Therapy is important.”

The singer went on to explain that as a Black woman, and within the Black community, therapy is not often suggested. Instead, people turn to prayer.

“I also believe that that higher power gives you people on Earth to help walk you through some of your darkest times and help you cope and deal,” she added.

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In Welcome to Marwen, moviegoers meet Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell), who after surviving a devastating attack, finds a creative way to heal. Monáe portrays Hogancamp’s physical therapist onscreen.

For the singer offscreen, however, Monáe uses creativity as a form of healing as well as listening to music, acting, and visual art.