Ever since Megan Thee Stallion stepped on the scene, I’ve immediately been drawn to her—there’s no rapper quite like her.

She’s beautiful with a magnetic personality and sweet Southern drawl, but also defies the catty female rapper stereotype by openly befriending other up and coming acts. She’s also got a hot new album called Fever, which she’s been promoting organically in part by throwing a series of pop-up “Hottie Parties” in major cities.

This week, Megan’s loyal band of hotties had their prayers answered when she touched down in the Financial District of New York City to throw one of her popular parties.

Keeping her fans on edge, the exclusive location of the party was dropped only an hour before the start time. With RSVP’s in high demand, not all of Megan’s Big Apple-based fans were granted a confirmation…something she tried her best to override. Everyone (including me) was stressed!

Thankfully, I received a confirmation email, complete with the address and a plus one. Look at God! My friend and I arrived at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, and despite the long lines and commotion at the door, we were able to get in within a reasonable amount of time. Inside the doors of the venue (which was a Chinese restaurant turned club venue), the DJ had the party jumping right out the gate.

Once we finessed our way through the crowded bar, we were delighted to learn that we could keep our coins in our purse for the night, because Meg bought out the bar (Reason number 2059204 why we stan!) With drinks in hand, we jammed as the DJ played Meg’s best bops like “Realer” and “Simon Says.”

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One thing became clear this night: you’ve never really partied until you’ve been to a Hottie Party! The sultry red lights and sprinkles of cowboy hat-wearing girls and guys twerking like they’re doing it “for the ’99 and the 2000” completely transported me to another world.

As the venue steadily swelled up with more and more fans, the heat in the room skyrocketed and personal space was no longer a thing. Normally, that would be my cue to order an Uber and exit stage left, but the crowd didn’t kill the vibes. We all waited eagerly for Megan’s fashionably late arrival and for the opportunity to “drive da boat” (or take a open mouth shot of D’USSÉ poured by the Stallion herself). It was worth the wait!

Around 1 a.m.—far past my weekday partying bedtime—Megan stepped in the building dressed in anime garb (as she promised) and a blonde Bantu knotted ‘do.

Our lady in red immediately had every cell phone in the air as she got the crowd hype and welcomed all of her fans.

The New York City hotties swarmed to the center of the room, showing so much excitement the DJ had to yell for everyone to chill out and back up.

Throughout the night, Megan’s fellow rappers Nya Lee, Maliibu Miitch and singer Ari Lennox pulled up to get in on the action.

It was in this moment, witnessing the sheer love and positivity, that I knew Megan’s relationship with her fans is like none other.

The intimate connection and willingness to shake hands and greet as many hotties face to face as possible is just another testament to how Megan does things. Her “homegirl” vibes were welcoming and warm, even if you were on the complete opposite side of the room.

At an event that could’ve easily erupted in fights and raucous, partygoers played it cool with each other— true to Meg’s positive, drama-free mantra.

What I’ve learned at my first Hottie Party is that partying in my ’30s is waaayyy different and, two, if you have an opportunity to go party with Megan and don’t, you’re only cheating yourself.