You'll Never Guess Which Celeb's Photo Tyler Perry And Tiffany Haddish Would Use To Catfish You

We also asked the others stars of Tyler Perry's new comedy, "Nobody's Fool," Whoopi Goldberg and Amber Riley to dish on which celebrity they'd pretend to be if they catfished someone.
Sydney Scott Nov, 09, 2018

Tyler Perry’s latest, Nobody’s Fool, is a charming comedy starring two onscreen sisters, played by Tiffany Haddish and Tika Sumpter.

When Sumpter’s Danica tells her sister Tanya that she’s in a long distance relationship with a man she’s never met, the two go on a journey to find out if she’s being catfished or not.

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Speaking with Perry and the film’s stars, ESSENCE turned the tables. We asked the cast which celebrity they’d pretend to be online to catfish someone else.

And while we don’t condone catfishing, the cast provided some pretty funny answers, including Omari Hardwick’s decision to be another leading man and Whoopi Goldberg’s slightly normal take.

Watch the video above for some giggles.