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Every Single Hidden Meaning In 'Antebellum' Explained By The Directors

Filmmakers Bush and Renz break down the Easter eggs in their new flick, streaming now. (Serious spoilers ahead!)

Antebellum, the Janelle Monáe-led psychological thriller from the producers of Get Out and Us, hit streaming services this weekend, causing muuuuch discussion online.

Critiques aside, the film had many engaged viewers scratching their heads, desperate to rewatch it a second time to catch all of the Easter eggs or hidden messages they might’ve missed.

(Seriously, we’re about to spoil the entire movie so don’t continue reading if you haven’t watched Antebellum.)

ESSENCE spoke to the writer-director duo behind the film, Bush and Renz, who so graciously broke down what you might’ve missed about the film that centers on Monáe’s Veronica Henley, a scholar with a book titled Shedding The Coping Persona. It explains how Black people cope with traumatic situations. Veronica finds herself speaking to a New Orleans audience about her bestselling book when she’s kidnapped and taken to a Louisiana Civil War reenactment park called Antebellum.

Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz admitted that when they recently watched the film with historians and professors, who didn’t see the twist coming, initially they were perplexed.

“It was interesting speaking to them afterward because they found themselves just so angry in the first act about all of the ‘mistakes’ that we made. And then towards the end, they completely got it. And they were like, ‘Oh, my God. This would be completely different on a second watch,'” Bush recalled.

So if you’re up for a good rewatch, check out all the little eggs you might’ve missed: