Amanda Seales’ HBO Comedy Special Is ‘Specifically For Black Women’
Dorothy Hong/Team Epiphany

Let’s face it: We’re all desperately in need of a laugh to take our minds off of the latest racist incident and the ongoing (whyyyy is it still going on?!) government shutdown. Amanda Seales may be the answer.

In her debut HBO comedy special, I Be Knowin, the Insecure star gets real about the horror of being the only Black person on a plane, the perils of dating f-ck boys, and why Black women are the best at giving compliments. Not to mention, breaking down the words vagenda, STS, Becky and caucasity. Don’t worry, she’ll hilariously explain.

Dorothy Hong/Team Epiphany

Seales shared Wednesday night inside the Roxy Hotel at the New York City premiere that the special was 37 years in the making.

“This is a long time of hard work and dedication,” she admitted. “I purposely wanted this room to be filled with folks who didn’t know, and who been knowin’ about how much my work really matters to me, and how much it means to me to make work that speaks for not only myself, but also for the people.”

Dorothy Hong/Team Epiphany

I Be Knowin’ “is very clearly and specifically for Black women,” but everyone else can listen in too, she said.

Seales added, “I really wanted to earnestly make something that was genuinely about my Black woman experience, and could also be connected to a number of other Black women experiences, and at the very least put on the comedic world stage another Black woman’s voice.”

I Be Knowin’  premieres on Saturday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.