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Erica Campbell's New Book Plus 5 Other October Goodies Worth A Read

From a passionate page-turner set across the pond to a celebrity self-help read that encourages us to reevaluate inner and outer beauty, this month’s picks are sure to satisfy

In her new offering, More Than Pretty: Doing the Soul Work That Uncovers Your True Beauty (Howard, $26), Grammy-winning gospel singer, BET Sunday Best judge and nationally syndicated radio host Erica Campbell explores an array of issues, from social media and self-esteem to colorism and infidelity.

Far from being preachy, Campbell is candid about some of the challenges she’s faced, including growing up on welfare, sharing a bedroom with five sisters and living through her parents getting divorced and remarried three times.

“Writing this was so therapeutic for me,” the Los Angeles native reveals. “I remember where I was emotionally as a young girl. Reliving some major mistakes and heartbreaks was crazy, but even the crazy things have had a purpose.”

The married mother of three hopes More Than Pretty helps others move past their own pain to live their best lives.

“I pray that this book is a tool for women to start asking necessary questions. Knowing why we feel certain emotions is important. Doing soul work helps you understand why you feel a certain way. Whether it’s frustration, disappointment, anger or even good emotions like joy, love and happiness, knowing is key.”