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Love And Regrets With Elise Neal And Brian White, Stars Of The New Comedy ‘No Regrets'

The co-stars of the new romantic comedy reveal what they’ve learned about love and letting go.
Love And Regrets With Elise Neal And Brian White, Stars Of The New Comedy ‘No Regrets’

No Regrets is a new romantic comedy from the Urban Movie Channel that has an ending you won’t see coming. The film stars Monica Calhoun, Brian White, Loretta Devine, Elise Neal, and Amin Joseph. ESSENCE recently spoke with White and Neal about the film and the things they’ve learned about love and regrets.

Neal, who plays Rebecca, bestie to Calhoun’s Nina, shared sage love advice for women out there looking, not looking, and in every stage of a relationship. 

“I’m all about being what you want to be, don’t let someone define you. If you want something in life, you kind of project it and you have to take steps to make certain things happen and you have to take certain steps and be strong for certain things to not influence you,” she said. “I am always the girl who is about doing what’s best for you, doing what makes you feel good in a timeframe that makes you feel good.”

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White plays Quincy, the guy who throws a wrench in Nina’s love story, making her think twice about her relationship. Aside from the love story, a big part of the film is the need to live a life of no regrets. White is not a fan of looking back. 

“I’m a believer in things happening for a reason, ” he said. “God doesn’t make mistakes, so I think regrets are a waste of time because there is no time machine. You can’t go backwards, all we can do is learn from each experience and build and grow and get better and take more advantage of the next opportunity because we’re so blessed to have them.”

For both, the film is a careful look at love and making sure you make the right decision for yourself. “Take your time,” added White. “Really get to know the person, challenge the person and always be honest.”

Watch No Regrets here.