Fresh off the release of her latest album, Queen, Nicki Minaj sat down with veteran hip hop journalist Elliott Wilson to talk about the project, her infamous beefs with other rappers, and why she no longer has to prove why she’s on top. The interview, which streamed exclusively on Tidal, came just hours after Minaj engaged in a smackdown with her former flame, Safaree, which began after the “Barbie Tings” rapper insisted her ex should “be thanking God” she held him down back in the day because he’s now eating off her success. Minaj kept that same energy when she sat down with Wilson to talk about her decade-long career, and being rap’s reigning queen. “I can’t not have the top position,” she insisted when asked about other female emcees who’ve come up through the ranks since she first dropped Pink Friday back in 2010. And while competition, and battling over who’s the best, has been a part of hip hop since the beginning, female rappers are often pitted against each other. But according to the rapper, it will be nearly impossible for another woman to knock her off her perch. “Every two years I get told about some female rapper,” she told the crowd, which was full of her most loyal fans. “To me, it’s silly now to compare me to women. Because there’s no woman to come in right now that — not only cannot out rap me — but realistically can put up the stats that I’ve put up,” she argued. With millions of albums sold, and multiple awards under her belt, Minaj may be the undisputed Queen of Rap. But in the past year, Cardi B’s rise has caused many to wonder if Minaj finally has a contender for the throne. The pair have traded low-level jabs at each other over the past year, but Minaj said they’ve ended their beef at this year’s Met Gala. Still, the rapper made it clear she’s ready for anyone who takes shots at her top spot. “If a person keeps on offending you, you might have to address it at some point,” she warned. “If that time comes, I’m prepared.” TOPICS: