Estelle’s Mentee, Sampa the Great, Will Blow You Away With New EP
Marc Grimwade

If you’re nostalgic for a time when neo-soul and hip hop ruled the airwaves, then the latest from Sampa the Great will satisfy.

The Botswana-raised 23-year-old is part of Australia’s growing hip hop scene, carving out a path of her own with the help of her mentor, singer Estelle

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Leading with “Everybody’s Hero,” HERoes Act 2 is a chill, soulful EP meant for lazy Sundays and rainy days. Sampa explained the meaning of the EP’s three tracks to Genius, including the importance of self-confidence on “Paved with Gold.” 

“Self belief is a hard tightrope to balance, this is an affirmation to myself,” she said. “If ever I find my self in pain, I know I’ll be able to walk out of it because I am able to stand alone to follow my passions.”

With such amazing talent, a stellar EP, and an incredible mentor behind her, the girl who was once told that she couldn’t rap with the boys is quickly proving that she can.

Sampa the Great isn’t just out to be a big female artist, she plans to takeover the world.