New & Next: Polly A’s ‘Just Like That’ Is The Summer Kickback Anthem
Loggan James

The song of the summer is often a pop-fueled tune that you hear at parties, that you turn up to with friends, something that leaves you pumped. Polly A’s ‘’Just Like That’’ is somewhat similar and a little different.

“Just Like That,” Polly A’s kickback anthem of the summer should be on every party playlist. The singer’s track feels intimate, low-key, and cozy. It’s the kind of track that plays toward the end of a party, that sweet moment when it’s just you and your best friends kicking back.

And, it’s exactly the vibe Polly, aka Meleni Smith, was going for. “The song is basically about having fun without trying,” she told ESSENCE. “It’s saying we know how to make the fun because that’s just who we are as people. People being me and my friends.”

That concept appears in the video as well, which Polly says occurred when she invited all of her friends over to hang out at her manager’s mentor’s house. 

“It was like, we should just do an L.A. kickback. We told everyone, we’re having a party and we’re going to shoot this video while we’re at the party. It really worked out because I think that translated.”

She adds, “My manager made this punch, like this lengendary punch. And it was just popping. I knew a lot of people there, but a lot of people brought friends. So it was a lot of friends of friends of friends type of affair. It felt really real because everybody was friends with each other.”

The song is rooted in R&B, but Polly says the music she makes also includes various genres, depending on her mood and what she’s listening to. 

“I listen to everything. I’m one of those people that my Spotify playlists… you would be so confused as what type of music I really. I literally call upon every genre, every era. It’s very hybrid. It’s definitely rooted in R&B and soul. Prince is my favorite singer. Prince, people like that. So it’s definitely, has that at it’s root.”

Polly A is currently toying with the idea of releasing two more songs, “Chosen” and “Wifi Heartbreak,” before dropping her new EP, a follow up to Ghetto Gold Dream

“‘Wifi Heartbreak’ that’s basically about our relationship with social media and how we create scenarios of agony through the internet, the reactions to what we see online. Whether it be after a breakup you’re still stalking your ex, or whether it be you’re living vicariously through someone who doesn’t even like their own life. And you’re looking at their life wanting their life and that person doesn’t even want their own life.”

With plans to release her new EP by the end of June, we’re looking forward to seeing what Polly has up her sleeve. 


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