New Music: Miguel, Daniel Caesar, And Mack Wilds Drop New Tracks And Videos
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This week has brought us many blessings in the form of new music and videos from Daniel Caesar, Mack Wilds and Miguel.

On Friday, Daniel Caesar dropped his debut album, Freudian, a 10-track album that features previously released songs, “Blessed” and “We Find Love.”

Caesar told ESSENCE earlier this month, that much of his music comes from reflecting on previous relationships, “sitting down and dwelling on everything about it.” Reflecting on hit song “Get You,” written two years ago, Caesar said, “I’m absent minded and daydream a lot. It just felt like the song was already there and I was just lucky enough to find it.”

The new release is a soulful debut from Canada’s next big artist, you can check it out here.

Mack Wilds has two new videos for fans. “Bonnie & Clyde” and “Explore” dropped Thursday, the songs appear on Wilds’ latest album AfterHours.

“Bonnie & Clyde” is a steamy, hazy video that might make you clutch your pearls, while “Explore” sees a couple tackling the distance in the relationship  and the possibility of one person wanting something new. 

Wilds co-directed both videos with Charles Todd, stating that he was inspired to explore “the idea of that fleeting love.”

“This film explores the idea that fleeting love — how a blend of desire and curiosity lead us down a path we’ll willingly follow,” Wilds said. “At times, we lose ourselves to lust with no regard for the consequences of our actions…But we’re only human, right?”

Listen to AfterHours here.

Miguel returned Friday with a new single, “Sky Walker,” featuring Travis Scott. The singer released both a new track and video, which sees Miguel vibing out with friends and partying with Scott.

Miguel recently covered SZA’s “The Weekend,” a cover we hope makes it onto whatever upcoming project the singer is working on. Is a new album on the horizon? Fingers crossed. 

With “Sky Walker,” Miguel remains one of our favorite artists.

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