Michaela Coel Seeks The Truth In Thrilling Trailer For ‘Black Earth Rising’
Michaela Coel is hunting for the truth in the devastating new trailer for Black Earth Rising. Co-starring John Goodman, the Netflix flick sees Coel’s Kate Ashby butting heads with her adopted mother, renowned international lawyer, Eve (Harriet Walter), who has taken the case of an African militia leader. Things begin to unravel as Kate, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, seeks the truth about her past, putting her future in danger.
Fans of Coel’s work should be prepared to see the actress and writer in a whole new light as she continues to expand her resumé. Speaking with the Evening Standard, Coel said she cried after filming one of Black Earth Rising‘s poignant scenes, calling it an “incredible moment.” Black Earth Rising premieres January 25 on Netflix.


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