Today the new Smithsonian Channel in conjunction with MTV News will premiere “Meaning in Music,” a five-part series that explores the evolution and impact of hip-hop through archival imagery, animations, and original interviews. 

Hosted by Dometi Pongo, “Meaning in Music” will take an in-depth look at the artform, and how it intersects with different genres and cultures, and how it has influenced trends, politics, and societies at large. During this season, Pongo will interview a variety of Smithsonian experts, journalists, and musicians, such as rapper Vic Mensa, journalist Tia Hill, andDwandalyn Reece, Curator of Music and Performing Arts at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History.

The series will also feature interviews with notable artists including Freedia the Queen Diva, Fat Joe, Taboo and Big. Pongo also speaks with Rob Markman, VP of Content Strategy at Genius, as well as journalists Ivie Anie, Candace McDuffie, and Chrissy Rutherford. The five episodes will also include interviews with various Smithsonian curators such as Adriel Luis, Samir Maghelli, Crystal Marie Moten, Joshua Bell, Amalia Cordova, and OnRae Watkins.

The series begins today on Smithsonian’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with new episodes airing throughout the week across MTV News’ social media and streaming platforms, which includes Facebook and Instagram.


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