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I'm Niecy Nash, and I am here today at the Essence Strength of a Woman Brunch, hosted by the one and the only, my girlfriend, Ms. Mary J Blige. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] No man is in island we are not in it alone. So, to find your strength I think you the tap into your faith and then you tap in your community and then you tap into goodness. Right after that it's the only way. I feel like women are understanding, united, we're so much stronger. And I appreciate the strength we have in unity more than the strength I have as being a woman alone. Keep walking in your truth, sisters. Mary, we love you, because you always walk in your truth. I'm so grateful to Mary J. Blige for having me a part of this wonderful lineup of black female excellence. We've just got to represent and be strong in our vulnerability and in our strength in our endeavors. That album that Mary put out Strength of a Woman, honey, I needed it. And it spoke to me on so many levels. So I'm so honored that I got to share the night with her. Today she was honored by some amazing women and she also got a chance to be reminded of how many women she's helped not just with her music, but with her testimony. This is just the beginning, again, for you, Mary. marry. << You can find your strength, because you're a woman; we're equipped to do that, so don't ever forget that part. It may not be easy, but it's always possible. << Essence recognizes Mary J. Blige as the most iconic and influential singer in rhythm and blues. << The major in recognition of Essence They had asked Annie to design necklaces for us. And the necklaces. [BLANK_AUDIO] [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] It's what's called a Dinkra symbol. It's translated into something that has toughness, is imperishable, can overcome adversity, and has endless endurance. unburnable self, and unburnable God. And so when we heard those words, the only person we really could think about was miss Mary J Blige. I wanna thank Essence for uplifting me and encouraging me and helping me to move forward. I can't do this by myself. I'm not the only one going through something, and Me being a celebrity doesn't give me the right to be selfish with these issues and problems that I deal with in front of the world, so why not speak about them to help someone else? I can's ave the world and I'm not trying to, I'm just trying to save myself and live my life, so thank you for anyone that's Listen to me. This is what indestructible is about, to not be destroyed. That's the thing, when we feel like dying, people like Essence help us to wanna live again.

Watch Niecy Nash, Monica & More Join ESSENCE To Honor Mary J. Blige At Her 'Strength Of A Woman' Brunch

Mary's 'Strength of a Woman' brunch in New Orleans was a star-studded affair.


Mary J. Blige’s ‘Strength of a Woman’ weekend was a true highlight of the 2017 ESSENCE Festival. After gathering a few of her closest friends in the industry for an unforgettable conversation on the Empowerment Stage on Friday, and delivering an electrifying performance at the Superdome on Saturday, Mary partnered with Planned Parenthood to host a star-studded ‘Strengh of A Woman’ Sunday brunch. Get a glimpse at what went down in the video above.