Regina Hall Magically Turns Into Marsai Martin In New Trailer For ‘Little’
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Marsai Martin is a tiny tyrant in the new trailer for Little. Executive produced and based on an idea by the 14-year-old actress, the film sees Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall), a tyrannical tech boss, turned into a child after being cursed by a little girl. Martin plays the child version of Sanders.
Issa Rae plays Hall’s overworked and under-appreciated assistant, who is tasked with taking care of her when she morphs into a child. The trailer for the upcoming film, which hits theaters April 12, is light and funny with Martin, Hall, and Rae showing off their comedic chops.

Eli Joshua Ade/Universal Pictures

Martin recently told ESSENCE that working on the film, which is produced by Will Packer and directed by Tina Gordon, was a “meaningful” experience. “I was very comfortable [on set] because they were my people,” the Black-ish actress said. “Working on a bunch of sets, you kind of don’t see that often. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you are — in how you say your lines or how you perform in a certain scene because you’re working with great people, who will watch over you and won’t let you down.”