R&B Singer Mario Explains Why Being A Pescatarian Is Great For His Dating Life
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Who knew that cutting out carbs, meats and dairy would also be good for your love life? Well, maybe not for everyone, but for R&B singer Mario he revealed that the switch to becoming a pescatarian has led him to not only spend more time in the kitchen, but use the new skill to impress the many ladies in his life. “Being a pescatarian — more so on the vegetarian side — but being a pescatarian you have to find ways to be creative with cooking,” he told ESSENCE earlier this week, noting that a recent date included enjoying nature couple with a home-cooked meal.
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“I don’t have a lot of time to spend so when I do go on dates I try to get a lot in on one date,” Mario added. Mario is currently enjoying being single and dating, admitting, “I don’t even know what my type is because I’ve dated so many types of women.” He added of his dating life,  “Some are just friends, we’ve never done anything intimately — but one keeps me wild, one I’m connected to on a soul level, and one is like in the middle of both of those. I’m finding myself. “It’s really about finding ways to express love in different ways. There’s not one person in my life right now that I’m like, ‘Oh I love this person.'” Although Mario may not be in love with one person, he is in love with his latest album — Dancing Shadows, out now.
It’s his first in almost a decade and a follow-up to 2009’s D.N.A. The 32-year-old singer said fans will love it because he poured over it to ensure it’s his highest quality of work. He cared. “Once people get the album, they’ll able to dive into the album and dive into the musicality. This is not an 808s and synth album. This is like a curated body of work by myself, Jake Gosling, who executive produced the album, and I worked with a lot of other great producers.” That list of producers includes a few European talents as Mario sought a new, but still mainstream sound.
“They’re traditional, but still very current. They understand the roots of R&B and the roots of rock,” he explained, “yet still are fans of the American mainstream sounds.” And when you pick up the album, keep an eye out for the singer’s favorite track, “Good Times.” “‘Good Times’ encompasses an energy that is like no matter what is going on I’m never going to get off my square,” he explained. “We cannot allow these external influences to ruin our energy. We have to really own our energy, and own our goals, and own our visions and walk in it proudly. The opportunities are endless.”


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