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Lupita Nyong'o Says She Would Never Return For An 'Us' Sequel: 'Red Is Dead'

For Nyong'o, taking on the roles of Adelaide Wilson and her doppleganger, Red, was grueling.

Lupita Nyong’o isn’t interested in bringing her role as Adelaide Wilson, nor her doppleganger Red, back to life if Jordan Peele decided to create a sequel to his critically-acclaimed film, Us.

And the oscar-winning actress made that fact clear in a recent interview at Deadline’s Contenders New York.

“No thanks,” she said. “Red is dead.”

For the actress, taking on the two roles was grueling. And the idea of revisiting them isn’t too attractive to Nyong’o.

“I had to hold down both sides of the argument,” she explained. “I had to be the offender and the offended. It was about understanding the emotional landscape of each character but also having a very strict discipline to play both physically and mentally.”

Us tells the story of Gabe (Winston Duke) and Adelaide (Nyong’o), who take their kids on a family trip to Adelaide’s old childhood beach house. Soon, the vacation becomes a nightmare when Adelaide becomes increasingly paranoid that something will happen to her family.

Lupita Nyong’o Says She Would Never Return For An ‘Us’ Sequel: ‘Red Is Dead’
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Granted, Peele hasn’t inidcated that he would be interested in making a sequel. But even though we’ll never see Nyong’o in the same roles, she admits that she learned a lot through the experience.

“For me, what I found I related to was that identifying with that inner monster inside me.”