Love Mansuy’s ‘Of Age’ Is A Meditation On Fatherhood And Love
Brandon Bacquie

Love Mansuy is energetic and curious when we speak, eager to talk about anything as we dive into his new EP, Of Age, a project that explores young fatherhood and how love changes and manifests over time.

The eight-track project opens with “Three Ounces,” a track that celebrates the arrival of his son, along with “Kids,” featuring Day Wave, a wavy, melodic single that arrived back in November and has been picking up steam. Throughout the EP, Mansuy meditates on love; the different ways it can shape who you are and how you grow; and the ways it can affect the people in your life.

The project spans every emotion, as Mansuy was “very uncertain” at the time of recording. The singer, who was still working at 24 Hour Fitness at the top of the year, admitted that becoming a young father at 24 years old forced him to examine his life. Although he and his partner just recently moved into a new home, they spent seven months living in a car.

“I think the only thing I was really certain of was myself,” the now 26-year-old told ESSENCE. “I was going to get up and try to do something about all this. “

“I’ve always wanted a family…And maybe because I didn’t really have my mom and dad together,” he said, noting that his mother passed away when he was four, “so I was always just kind of seeking some kind of like home. Living fast here in Los Angeles kind of forced me to calm down and to actually face the music for once.”

To add to all that was going on, Mansuy, who grew up in Irvington, New Jersey with his grandmother, had just reconnected with his father. “We’re texting through WhatsApp sometimes, trying to start over. He has another chance with my son. Obviously, I’m trying to just make things right that way,” he said.

With his son, Mansuy said he’s “felt what real love is.”

“[My son] doesn’t care that I didn’t have a home,” he continued. “He’s not sad if I make a mistake. He’s always just going to love me, and sometimes I don’t even love me like that but knowing that he does is enough for me to go ahead and go forward.”

And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Mansuy has started his own company, Love & Company, and is enjoying the freedom of having something of his own. He’s not diving in though, he taking things day by day, setting a pace that he can keep up with and that allows him to spend his time the way he wants.

“I know that now we can pretty much do whatever we want as long as we have a reason, an intention for it. We’re not really looking at moving fast right now. I’m putting together a band, there’s going to be a live show in 2020, and a music video at the top of the year. And the cool thing is, I’m making all this with my friends.”

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And with a supportive team in his corner, a young son to motivate him, and a never-ending supply of energy propelling him forward, it doesn’t look like there’s anything stopping Mansuy from taking the New Year by storm.

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