‘Love & Hip Hop’ Creator Mona Scott-Young: We Don’t Make Up Anything on the Show

Mona Scott-Young catches a lot of heat for her reality television franchise Love & Hip-Hop, but the CEO Monami Entertainment insists that she does not make anything up on the show.

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During an appearance on ESSENCE Live, the media mogul said that the situations and circumstances on the show are real, but everything is “put together on a production schedule” and placed within the context of a narrative. So, like many reality shows the events are put together to tell a story, but every fight and love triangle you see is definitely very real.

Scott-Young further added that she understands the negative comments surrounding LAHH, but hopes critics are able “to separate the show from me.”

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Regardless of how you feel about Scott-Young and her reality TV franchise, it’s undeniable that she’s created a hit that millions of people just can’t stop watching.

Tune in to see Mona Scott-Young on Centric’s Being March 5 at 10pm. 

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