Lionel Richie Set To Produce Long-Awaited Sammy Davis Jr. Biopic
Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Following years of legal disputes and drama, a Sammy Davis Jr. biopic is finally set to hit the big screen.

Produced by Lionel Richie and the late icon’s children, the film will be based on the entertainer’s 1965 memoir, Yes I Can: The Story Of Sammy Davis Jr.

In a statement via Deadline, Richie said, “It’s an honor for me to bring the life of one of my idols and friends to the screen. I’m so grateful to be working closely with the Davis family on this and couldn’t be happier to be moving forward on this passion project.”

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There were a number of biopic plans that never came to fruition. Lee Daniels was reportedly attached to direct one for HBO in 2013, but plans fell through. There was rumored to be a television series and documentary in the works as well.

Davis’ youngest son Manny stated, “I am happy to tell the whole entire world that my family and I look forward to working with everyone to educate audiences of all ages about our father’s incredible American adventure.”

Stay tuned for more info.