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[BLANK_AUDIO] We have a true songbird in the studio with us now. She just wrapped up a tour with Maxwell and her new album Let Love Rule dropped September 22nd. Please welcome Ledisi to Essence Now, hey Ledisi how are you? Hey, I'm great, thank you for having me today. You look amazing. Thank you. All right, first of all let's talk about your new video. The video Shows you that for your first single is called high. Yes. Strip down look to it. Why did you decide to go in that [INAUDIBLE]? Well it's actually just a lyric video. Yeah. I have a video that's coming out for high but this one I want it I was inspired by the [INAUDIBLE] museum I've visited an exhibit there that they had where he did screen tests. So you sit there for three minutes just making faces and doing whatever you wanna do. And I though wow this is a weird, Exhibit but I love the way it looks and it felt good, but people were walking around [LAUGH] as you're doing it. So it was weird. But I was thinking, wow, I want this for my lyric video, instead of doing the same old thing. And let people see my response to words. Different side of it. Yeah. So when is the official video coming out. I don't have a clue, I haven't seen it. I know they're working on making it gorgeous but the shoot was wonderful. I'm very excited about it. Well we can't wait. So let's go back a few albums back, we saw Ledisi dancing and in that body suit. Body. [LAUGH] Will we see more of that on the new album? Well no not really, this one is more like a singer song writer kinda album but there are uptempos. It's beautiful writing and I'm singing my face off. Did you collaborate with anyone? Yes I have, there's John Legend on it, The Chicago Kid, Wow, who else is everyone? Yeah. It's so great. There's a couple of good people on there. Yeah, great. I"m excited about the duets that I did. All right. And Kirk Franklin.. And Kirk. Yes. We love good Kirk Franklin. That's gonna be a great combination. Yeah. The music industry is changing so much and a lot of real vocalists, like Ledisi, are being. Relegated to older radio stations, and the contemporary market. What are your thoughts on that? Do you even care about quote, the youth market? Wow, I do, if you hear my music, if you hear High. It's very modern, very mixed of old and new, and I've always been a person that sits right in the middle, all my music. So if I'm on the radio, it's better than not being on the radio. So anywhere I can reach is where I reach So. Okay. I don't have any comment about it. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Kirk Franklin And Ledisi Are Wowing Audiences Across The Country With The 'Rebel, Soul And Saint' Tour

Kirk Franklin And Ledisi Are Wowing Audiences Across The Country With The 'Rebel, Soul And Saint' Tour


There’s nothing quite like great music to get the holiday season in gear and two of our favorite entertainers have teamed up to bring fans a musical experience they’ll never forget.

Grammy Award-winning Gospel icon Kirk Franklin and powerhouse R&B songstress Ledisi are hitting the road this winter with a goal of wowing audiences across the country with their new tour, The Rebel, The Soul and The Saint. The multi-city tour, which kicked off at the end of October, is scheduled to run through December 2nd, with several of the tour stops to include a special performance from talented musician and ESSENCE Festival alum PJ Morton.

Ledisi gave music lovers a phenomenal R&B gem to add to their collections this past September with the release of her eighth studio album Let Love Rule, while PJ Morton’s eclectic fourth studio album, GUMBO, is steadily making a lasting mark on the music world. Meanwhile, Kirk Franklin is continuing to spread messages of inspiration and truth through his music and most recently peaked fans’ curiosity when he posted an Instagram photo with R&B’s newest breakout star Daniel Ceasar. 

For more information and to get a a look at the full list of tour dates, you can visit Kirk Franklin’s official website, HERE.