Kiersey Clemons is spicing up your podcast feed with a spooky new series. The Rent star is the leading voice actress in Ghost Tape, a serialized horror podcast that taunts listeners with anxiety-inducing audio. 

The series follows the life of Tessa Dixon. As a newcomer to the United States Army, Dixon is deployed to complete her basic training in a remote area of Texas. While she’s living on base, she experiences the physical and psychological struggles of being prepped for war.

Dixon then finds a tape that belonged to her grandfather labeled “GHOST TAPE 10.” The moment Dixon presses play on the tape, she sets into motion a fatal generational curse. She has no choice but to endure the deadly scenario in her weakened physical and mental state, leaving her vulnerable to supernatural attacks.

Clemons, who also appears in the forthcoming thriller starring Janelle Monae, Antebellum, is also co-executive producing the Qcode podcast series that was written by Alexandra Hartman

Ghost Tape, which launches in October, was co-created by Nia DaCosta (Candyman, Little Woods), the first Black woman to direct a Marvel film, and Aron Eli Coleite (Locke & Key). Malakai serves as the director.


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