Watch Now: Kevin Hart and Will Packer Reveal Their Broke Horror Stories

Night School is out now.
We’ve all got broke horror stories because being broke knows no limits. When was the last time you flattened a tube of toothpaste? Or shook up water inside your dish soap? Perhaps your strategically ordered off the dollar menu of your favorite fast food establishment all week –just so you wouldn’t starve? Am I triggering anyone? If you’ve seen Night School by now, you know that Kevin Hart’s character is broke like a joke! I’m talking, living back at home with his momma and daddy, wearing a chicken costume to make ends meet. Listen, sometimes it be’s like that!

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So when ESSENCE sat down with the very wealthy Kevin Hart and producer Will Packer, we asked them to dig into their memory banks to share their brokest memories. Hart said it was “when I realized I owed taxes.” Evidently, no one told the 50 million-dollar man how to handle his finances, and he ended up having to pay taxes all year. Now this might not sound like a broke man’s problem, but Hart said, “It wiped me out and I still owed more. I bit off more than I could chew.” And what did he spend his money on? “A bunch of throwback jerseys with hats to match,” the 39-year-old comedian said with a laugh.
Will Packer, however, was a bit more strategic about making money. The mega-producer graduated magna cum laude with an engineering degree from Florida A&M University.  While his friends left school with five- and six-figure salaries, Packer took a job as a paperboy, throwing newspapers at people’s houses from 3 to 6 a.m. “I wanted to chase this dream. I did that because it allowed me the rest of my day to do my hustle,” Packer shared. Check out the video above to find out more about these wealthy men’s meager beginnings. The glow up is real.