Kerry Washington is ready to share her dad with the world. The Little Fires Everywhere star has created an IGTV series in which her father, Earl Washington, can share his “Dad Jokes” to keep spirits up during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The father-daughter duo tapped the master of family-friendly humor, Tina Knowles Lawson, to help introduce the series. Lawson founded the Instagram sensation “Corny Joke Time,” where she spreads joy with simple jokes that are appreciated by all ages. The three joined a group video call from their respective homes, where they recorded the series premiere. 

“Soooooo my dad and I were thinking about doing a series of ‘Dad Jokes’ to spread love and joy in these crazy times,” Washington wrote in the caption for the first clip she shared.

“But before we kicked it off we [had] to call in the joke expert, the creator of Corny Joke Time,” Washington continued. “She gave us her blessing and even spit a few Corny Jokes at us.”

Knowles Lawson reminded fans that she began “Corny Joke Time” as a tribute to her late brother, who was a fan of cheesy jokes. She continued the tradition once she saw the joy it brought people. 

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Beyoncé and Solange’s mama and Earl introduced themselves and got right into trading corny jokes with each other as Kerry smiled. Earl was so excited he left the audience with one final gem to explain that jokes become Dad Jokes when they are “a-parent.” 

We got it and you can too by tuning in to “Dad Jokes” on Kerry’s Instagram.


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