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[MUSIC] So can we switch over to this new bae. Because you know that's all everybody is talking about this morning. Hello. As a certified eye candy girl here at, approve. So he is gorgeous. [CROSSTALK] Guilty. So good for you, girl. He seems great. I'm just curious, putting your man out there in the public, it's a lot. It's a decision that you make. How did you decide, okay, I'm going to go public with this next relationship? Well I don't even know. It didn't start off as a relationship. It was just me dating and what's been difficult for me is I got killed my first season and I got lied on. The guy that I was dating, he lied on me because he was hurt so he was trying to hurt me. And then everyone ran with that. So for two years I have a fake African prince. I pay guys all of this ridiculous. My. And just to have someone saying. My. I can not get any man in the earth. That's what they'd like for you to believe. Even the comments that they made in the episode last night. It's like, your bringing up something from five years ago. That's what you want people to believe. And so, it's unfortunate. But I just said to myself, you know, This is my life. I am single. I am dating. I do want a mate, and to hell with the people who Past judgment on me or wanna say, I can't get a guy. This is, I represent 50, 60% of all single girls that are out there. So my struggle is your struggle. So if I'm brave enough to just date on camera and show my life whether it is in happiness or it fails That's my life, that's the life of a single lady, especially a black woman in my 40s. So listen. You're being real. I'm being real and I can't control what the relationship is going to be, but I can say, you know what, I don't have to care what other people think about what I do. And you guys are being real cute. [LAUGH] I like the photos, all kinds of feels. [LAUGH] All kinds of sexy workouts. Okay? Come on, you are blushing. I have not worked out with him before have I? Not yet, no. Never show you guys [INAUDIBLE] Let's put that on the list. We were in the gym together. Exactly. We actually haven't worked out together because I think we would fight because he's got a lot of certifications. No nonsense, right. And he is really so serious about, so passionate about fitness and that's a lot of what we have in common. But he is serious and I dont. He looks intense, like he's not playing. He's very intense. It's all about working out for him. Yes. So we'll see more of this love affair unfold on screen? You will, yeah. [LAUGH] I mean don't you just love to see a woman winning in love? It's a good feeling. You're glowing. I'm just taking it one step at a time like I said, I made the mistake before of putting myself out there too soon Getting ahead of myself. I think a lot of women say that. You meet somebody. You get excited. Of course. And all of a sudden your mind your planning weddings and all that. Right. We all are guilty of it. Every one of us. Whatever 20, 30, 40, we're guilty of it. So for me, I'm like I'm having fun. Let's just, it is what it is. Go where it goes. Yeah, it goes where it goes. If It works it works. If it doesn't there'll be someone else. And living in the moment. I'm just living in the moment and I'm really enjoying it. He's a caring, kind person, and I haven't met one of those in a long time. Yeah. [MUSIC]

Kenya Moore's Ex Matt Jordan Gets Heated with RHOA Star Over Split: 'You'll Be Single and Miserable'

The drama between these two has come to a head.


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Kenya Moore is learning that some exes just aren’t meant to be friends

On Sunday’s all-new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Moore met up with her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan in an attempt to foster a friendship.

It was a tall order considering the on-and-off, tumultuous relationship they’ve had, filled with bitter arguments and explosive battles. “If I were to look at what I did wrong in the relationship, I would have to say that I didn’t slow down enough for him or give him the attention that he really required,” the 45-year-old former Miss USA said. “And that may have made him feel emasculated.”

There was also Jordan’s violent tempter, which was a point of concern for Moore. Since the RHOA cameras started filming, viewers have seen Jordan kick down a door in her hotel room, break the windows on her garage door, smash the glass in on the side door of her house, hit her driver, spray-paint her security cameras and bust out the back window of her car.

But Moore was ready to look past all that, focusing on the good times. “We had a solid year of a really good relationship, Moore said. “That’s why I think I forgave him so easily.”

“On the one hand, I don’t want to see him anymore. But on the other hand, I want us to be friends,” she added, looking to the peaceful relationship Cynthia Bailey has with her ex Peter Thomas. “I just don’t want an enemy in him because I had some part in it. I don’t want anything else from him but to wipe the slate clean and be friends again.”

She may have wanted to look towards the future, but when she met Jordan to celebrate the one-year birthday of their dogs, he wanted to explore their past.

“What about the things you’ve done wrong,” he asked her. “It’s not about your flaws — let me point at some of your flaws.”

Moore was annoyed. “I am so upset with him right now,” she confessed to viewers. “Here I am being pulled back into the darkness, into the negativity and into the past. That’s not what I’m here for.”

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Walking away from the cameras, Moore tried to dodge the conversation. But Jordan followed her out. “I had something good and you ruined it,” he said. “You’re the only thing that I cared about… pull the trigger. Whatever you need to do, because you clearly don’t care about me.”

His words didn’t work with Moore. “You ruin everything that’s good. Everything,” she said. “This is what you call caring about? Talking loud, not listening? The problem is Matt, I cannot talk to you. I have been there for you. I didn’t do anything that you could have permanently change your life, including sending you to jail for your behavior.”

“If I didn’t care about you Matt, I wouldn’t be standing here now. You’re like a broken record,” she added.

“You know why I’m playing the same record? Because you won’t say sorry,” Jordan responded. “You keep going on in your life, you’ll be unhappy for your actions. I’ll be in jail and you’ll be single and miserable. So we’re even.”

That only angered Moore more. “Oh so before I met you Matt, you think I was single and miserable? You think another m———– would come through the door? You keep calling me and asking to have me back, Matt. I’m not the one calling you.”

That’s when Jordan started airing their dirty laundry. “Where are all these guys? Where are they?” he asked. “Because you’ve been dealing with me. For some reason, for one reason or another, I’ve been here. We didn’t have sex the other night in my truck because you wanted to?”

“The stuff you say to me hurt — it hurt bad,” he continued, breaking down. “You got all these people that so much better than me, why are you here?”

Moore made it clear she no longer wanted to be there, though. “I’m going to go ahead and allow myself to move forward,” she told him. “Because I do know one thing: I do know that you care. But whatever it is that you’re holding on to, you’re not able to look past it. Matt, just look at me one minute. I’m sorry I hurt you. But baby, I can’t do this no more.”

“I’m done,” she told viewers. “I just need to let Matt go. We have become toxic to each other. I need to grow and part of that growth is just knowing when it’s gone and to just walk away.”

Jordan let her. “Go do the other stuff. Go get whatever you need to get to make you whole,” he told her. “‘Cause I’m not the guy.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.