KEM Talks Waiting For Love, Sheltering In Place With Babies and Making New Music

KEM, the internationally renowned three-time Grammy nominee knows just how to make anyone believe in love, fall in love and sing about love. Since the release of his first record, “Love Calls,” fans have witnessed the passion and deep respect he has for his craft.

“Music has always been my refuge, and it has always been therapeutic,” says the Detroit-bred, Motown R&B recording artist. “So, I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to do and I’m very grateful to have a career this long.”

For nearly 20 years, his smooth and melodic voice, infectious smile, undeniable stage presence—and hit after hit—has put a smile on your face, your mother’s, and depending on how old you are, maybe even your grandmother’s. And while some of those smiles may have turned into frowns during his six-year hiatus since the release of his last album “Promise to Love” in 2014, you’d be quite happy to know where life has taken him.

With several number one singles, sold-out national tours and four chart-topping albums under his belt, he hasn’t been just sitting around twiddling his thumbs. So what has KEM been up to?

“Living, you know, living is big these days,” says the 50-year-old singer.  “I met my wife in 2015, our son was born in 2016, we just had our daughter, Trinity, who was born this past October, and we got married of course and moved across the country. So, we’ve been really busy and preparing for this season of my life and my career.”

The soulful crooner, who admits that he’s always written songs about what he hoped for in love, finally got what he’s been giving us for nearly two decades—pure love and joy.

And now, he’s ready to give us more.

“You know, there’s a time for everything and this is definitely the season for my new music,” says Kem, who recently released his first single, “Lie to Me,” off of his forthcoming fifth studio album. “This album is the most contemporary record that I’ve made—very fresh, musically, it’s edgy, and I’m in talks with a legendary R&B diva about a duet, and a legendary gospel diva about a duet.”

“I’m in the process of having my greatest musical moment right now, and I’m really, really excited about it,” Kem adds.

It seems like we’re in for a treat and the wait was well worth it.


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