Here’s The Trailer For Kelis’s New Netflix Show ‘Cooked With Cannabis’

Haven’t had an edible since that weekend at Jones Beach with your homegirls in ‘97? Netflix wants you to know you’re missing out.

Renowned foodie Kelis has teamed up with the streaming service and is set to host, Cooked with Cannabis. And ESSENCE has your first-look at the trailer, which just dropped. The competition-style reality show displays savory cannabis-infused culinary creations from some of the most competitive chefs in the nation. 

The singer and author said in a statement that she was a bit surprised to end up with her own Netflix show. 

“That’s one of those things that I didn’t go looking for, it kind of came to me,” Kelis boasted. “I started to do a little research to see if it made sense for me.” 


In the trailer for the series, Kelis is joined by famous faces, including Amanda Seales, Too Short, and John Salley, who all guest star on an episode. Together Kelis and her guest celebrity judges evaluate gourmet three-course meals prepared by contestants. 

And Kelis isn’t alone in the co-hosting chair. She’s joined by chef Leather Storrs, who revealed that he’s excited about the level of creativity from the contestants.

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“I think we were all just delighted to have a forum that took this new culinary discipline so seriously! Many of the chefs used the plant in non-psychoactive ways: as a flavoring, as a puree in fresh tortillas, or blended into a flour,” he said in a statement. “This is a show for food people, for stoners and for folks that are curious about both.”

Kelis noted how the show marks efforts to reclaim the once-marginalized power plant for the marginalized people, who were negatively impacted by its policing.  

The R&B singer said the series will move your “heart in ways you didn’t expect it to because it is so culturally important. In this country, there are so many things that have been used systematically to oppress groups of people, so this could be all fun and games, but you look at it and go, you know what, this is important.”

“People’s lives have been affected in a really positive and negative way, and how do we take some control back,” Kelis continued. 

Cooked with Cannabis begins streaming on the comically appropriate date of April 20. Watch the trailer below to get a taste.


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