‘Hustlers’ Keke Palmer Takes A Walk Down Memory Lane
Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for STXfilms / Alexander Wang

Hustlers is cleaning up at the theater and Keke Palmer’s turn in the film is getting praise across the internet.

ESSENCE spoke to the actress where she named which of her co-stars she’d call in various situations and took a walk down memory lane.

During the interview, Palmer reminisced about shooting “All My Girlz,” her first music video.

“I had just done Akeelah and the Bee, I did “All My Girlz,” and I was really on cloud nine. I couldn’t believe I was getting to act and getting to make music. And the music was a part of the movie. So, I was just thrilled beyond belief.”

Palmer also dished on which of her co-stars she’d call to concoct a plan for revenge, explaining that both Lizzo and Constance Wu would be perfect partners in crime.

“I feel like [Lizzo] would be able to help you to think of any type of gag that you’re trying to do.”


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