Keke Palmer Gets TV Hosting Advice from Queen Latifah
David Livingston/Getty Images

Now that she’s a TV talk show host, Keke Palmer is asking a few pros for their tips. The actress says Queen Latifah had a little word of advice for her as she took on her newest role as one of the youngest people to ever host a daytime talk show.

“She said I [should] just be myself – my natural personality,” says Palmer.

Just Keke debuted last week on BET and Palmer, 20, told that some of Latifah’s pointers have already proven to be true, “She was saying it definitely would be a lot of work and to prepare myself for that. And that’s definitely true because there are a lot of hours and everything like that, and a lot of talking involved, hence my voice being hoarse.”

The show targets millennials and explores the topics that teens and twenty-somethings are dealing including social issues, sex, relationships and growing up.

Palmer also says that Queen Latifah has been there for her in the past, “She’s been a big part in my career,” she says of her Joyful Noise co-star. “She’s always been a big supporter.”