Katt Williams Tells Police Radio Personality’s Husband Pulled A Gun On Him After Tense Interview
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Comedian Katt Williams stopped by Atlanta radio station V103 Friday, appearing on “Frank and Wanda in the Morning,” where he got into a comedic sparring match with co-host Wanda Smith that got a little too personal. Now, police are investigating Williams’ claim that Smith’s husband pulled a gun on him at a comedy club over the weekend. According to Fox5 in Atlanta, a police report details that Williams and LaMorris Sellers, Smith’s husband, got into a verbal altercation at the Atlanta Comedy Theater on Saturday night. An off-duty officer at the scene said the conflict stemmed from Williams’ earlier interview with Smith. During the interview, Williams not only made jokes about Smith’s cooking, but also criticized her appearance. During the dispute Saturday night, Williams claims Sellers pulled out a gun and pointed it in his face. Williams then fled to a nearby grocery store, where police intervened. However, Sellers disputes Williams’ account. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Sellers claims that after he tried to approach the comedian, he fled into a nearby Food Depot. Instead of sticking around, Sellers returned to the Atlanta Comedy Theater. Sellers confirmed to police that he indeed had a gun in his possession, and as he was running it fell to the ground. He refutes that he ever pointed his gun at Williams. Smith addressed the incident on the radio Monday morning, where she claimed Williams started the argument that led to the conflict with her husband. According to Smith, Williams “made a beeline” over to her in the parking lot of the comedy club and said, “I told you f**kin’ with me will make you go viral!” That’s when Smith said her husband stepped in. In spite of cracking a joke on Williams’ hair, which seemed to cause him to go in on the radio host, Smith said she’s not a victim. “I am not playing victim,” she said on Monday’s show. “I am not a jokester like that. I don’t know how to do that. He did it. He won. It threw me off.” In spite of the tense encounter, Williams has declined to press charges.