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Watch The Emotional Moment Karamo Brown Helps A Black Man Come Out In Netflix's 'Queer Eye'


Netflix’s new series, Queer Eye, a reboot of Emmy-winning series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, includes a few moments that will leave viewers teary-eyed, but none as poignant as AJ Brown’s coming out story.

Brown, a young closeted Black man, has struggled with coming out. In a new clip from Netflix, Brown reflects on his relationship with his father, who passed away before he came out. “I wish I did tell my dad, but I just couldn’t say it,” Brown tells Queer Eye‘s Karamo Brown. Both men also discuss the struggles of being both Black and gay.

Fans may recognize Karamo from season 15 of The Real World, but the activist and TV personality has come far since appearing on the show. He regularly uses his platform to help the LGBT community fight stigmas surrounding sexuality and HIV,  co-founded 6in10, an organization that works to combat HIV stigma and provides support and education to the LGBT community about mental health issues. He also spoke to ESSENCE last year about the struggles of raising a son as a Black gay man. 

Karamo goes on to give Brown heartfelt advice in the clip, leaving us a little choked up. “Don’t let it hold you anymore. You are the epitome of what it is to be a strong, beautiful Black gay man.”

We hope those words resonate with AJ, as everyone deserves to live their best and truest lives. 


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